The Best Of Country Music In The Year 2000

You might be one of the many people that watches some of my videos and thinks, “Huh, when Jim talks about country he makes it seem cool but all of the country songs I’ve overheard from hanging out with my redneck cousins are complete garbage…”

This is my way of helping you out.

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Every month I plan on highlighting my favorite 5 country songs from a different year. All five of these songs will have something great about them that even non-country fans can latch onto. And I’ll make sure that I throw in some really cool guitar part from that year, too.

Bonus from this video: I recorded each instrument in one take, so If you’re interested in watching just the lead guitar, or just the drums, or any other instrument for the whole video just scroll down to watch any angle you’d like. As a music nerd I’d kill to be able to see every angle of a tracking session so I could dissect what each instrument is doing, so maybe a few of you guys are like me and want an invitation to that process.

PCNS cables make this possible, by the way. Do a quick google of them, it’ll be worth it.

Honorable mentions from 2000:
She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy – Kenny Chesney
What About Now – Lonestar
What I Need To Do – Kenny Chesney
Born To Fly (Already did a piece of this one in the Sara Evans Video)
Me Neither – Brad Paisley
I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack

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