Announcing FULL COURSES at!

Since I started my YouTube channel I’ve gotten asked for Skype lessons by a LOT of people, and in the past year I gave them whenever I could.

I noticed that I was getting a lot of the same questions from people. Turns out many musicians are having the same issues and the internet isn’t fixing them, but after almost all of the lessons I was told that 50 minutes with me cleared up a lot of confusion.

I enjoyed helping the handful of people I had time to give Skype lessons to, but making music has always been my priority and I find that there isn’t a ton of time to sit down one on one and answer the same questions over and over again.

I decided that the best plan of attack was to make full courses addressing these common questions in a real, honest, and effective way. I made the courses longer than a Skype lesson and am charging half as much so as many musicians as possible can blow through these common roadblocks. The average musical IQ is about to go waaay up.

The courses I’m launching with are:

What You Actually Need To Know To Play Like Brad Paisley!

What You Actually Need To Know About Music Theory!

What You Actually Need To Know To Learn Songs Quickly+Accurately!

And I have a healthy list of course ideas I can’t wait to knock out and add to the mix!

I could have stopped there, but…

Music is a journey. Learning it is continuous. I actually care about your success and I take pride in helping others make progress, so with that in mind I decided to create the “Jim’s Everything Club!”

“Jim’s Everything Club!” is a monthly subscription that gets you access to every course on the website for the same price as a single course. For real.

If you’re part of the club, you get every course I have to offer, and you get instant access to every new course the second it’s published.

Thanks so much for being a big part of my journey in music. I hope to soon be a bigger part of yours.