Either Way – Chris Stapleton

This is one of the best songs ever written.

Chris released this song as the first single from his newest record “From A Room: Volume 1” and I was really excited for it to hit radio and change country music. Chris recorded it with only a single acoustic guitar and his vocals, so it was very different from what normally ends p being a smash hit on country radio, but he gave an incredible performance and I wanted to believe that a song this good couldn’t possibly be brushed aside by mainstream radio. Sadly, though, the single didn’t do well and was pulled and replaced by a different song from Stapleton’s new album.

I first heard this song as track two of Lee Ann Womack’s 2008 album Call Me Crazy (an incredible album), and Either Way is my favorite song from it. It’s heartbreaking when Lee Ann sings it, and Chris kills it on the harmony vocals. You can imagine my excitement when Sea Gayle Publishing posted on instagram that Either Way was going to be the single from Chris’ new album.

So with the song still in relative obscurity despite having been recorded 100% perfectly twice, I decided to take a crack at it myself. Lee Ann did the laid back organ-and-fiddle-heavy version, Chris did the stripped down acoustic version, so I figured I’d omit organ, fiddle, and acoustic from my recording entirely and combine the styles of bluegrass (like Chris Stapleton’s former band The Steeldrivers), Brad Paisley (who cut Chris’ song “The Best Thing That I Had Goin” on his Mud On The Tires album) and Dierks Bentley (who, like Chris, had a ton of music recorded and mixed at Station West Studios and also had Chris sing on his Up On The Ridge album). I figured this was the best way to be different from the two perfect versions out there, tip my hat to Chris, and also be myself.

Thanks to Ethan Dubois for manning the camera. Everything else is me.

This whole thing was done between 1pm Saturday July 1 and 9pm Sunday July 2.

Hope you like it.