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I live in Nashville and play music for a living. In 2015 I started making videos and put them on YouTube, where more and more people tuned in to watch, and that led to me offering private Skype lessons when I had time (which wasn’t often).

I noticed that the guitarists who wanted private lessons with me were asking a lot of the same questions. I realized that they probably weren’t alone in having these questions and the rest of the internet isn’t adequately answering them. I want to help as many musicians as I can, so instead of giving Skype lessons to a few people I decided to make video courses that go in depth on these topics and make them available to everyone!

The backbone of these courses is the fact that I show you the most important, relevant information. If we hung out in a room with our guitars and amps and chatted about music, this is the stuff I would be nerding out over. This is the stuff that I would say, “Oh, man, this is gonna blow your mind, you’ve GOTTA learn this!”

There are no filler courses on this site. There never will be. I will only make things that show you what’s important. I’ll only make things I’m passionate about.

I’ll tell you what you actually need to know.



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Learning music is continuous. It isn’t done in a day. With this subscription, you have full access to stream every course on this site. Every time I come out with a new course, you’ll be able to watch it the second it’s released. You’ll get everything.



I love Brad Paisley’s playing, and I’ve figured out a lot of his habits so I can use them in my own playing. “How can I play like Brad?” is the question I get the most often, so I made this course to give you all of the tricks I use to do the same thing you want to do: play like Brad.

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Sounding big live as a band or in a recording is harder than just sounding big by yourself. It took me a while to learn some things that are actually fairly simple to put in your playing, so I cover them using a recent recording I made in this Everything Club exclusive course!

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Brent Mason is required knowledge for a country guitar player. He is the sole owner of an entire style that added texture to the most popular songs in country music. On top of that, he has solo instrumental songs that push the limits of what country, rock, blues, and jazz can sound like. I first learned a Brent Mason lick when I was 13 and I have put in a considerable amount of time learning Brent Mason’s guitar work since. His style is definitely worth its own course (he plays very differently from Brad Paisley), and I’m pumped to bring it to you.

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Music theory is the most important and worst-taught thing in the music world. It’s at the center of how every professional musician I know thinks, creates, and reacts. But if you google “music theory” you get a bunch of confusing, outdated methods that take you the long way around when all you want to do is play and understand cool music. I made this course to help you understand and apply theory in the music you love.

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Chords are super important. Most people are playing them wrong (or at least not in the way that’ll sound the best). This course clears that up.

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When you move to Nashville, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have to accurately learn 40 songs in 2 days for a gig. And if you’re lucky you’ll get called in to do a session and have to play a song perfectly having only listened to it once. I’ve been fortunate enough to survive both of those situations many times, and in this course I show you exactly how every professional musician I know tackles that scenario.

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