If you’d like to see a history of my guitar rig and how it has evolved since I started gigging, check this out.

Side note: It’s pretty well known that I use a Kemper Profiling Amp. I’ve been responsible for more than a few Kemper sales, and if you’re someone who is thinking about buying a Kemper (why wouldn’t you be) then it would be awesome if you used THIS LINK. I’ll get a small kickback for being the guy who sent you there when you buy it.

Every guitar player loves gear, and I’ve been lucky enough to build a relationship with some of the people that make gear that I use every day.


tom anderson logo

Tom Anderson Guitarworks

I have a Hollow T Classic Tele style guitar that I use for everything I do. Semi-hollow, swamp ash body, maple neck, Tom Anderson TD series stacked humbucker pickups with a 5-way-switch. Translucent blonde finish. It’s a perfect guitar. Tom only makes perfect guitars.



Wampler Pedals

I’ve liked Wampler pedals for years. The Analog Echo was my favorite pedal for a long time, and now I have their souped up Faux Tape Echo V2. One of my favorite pedals is the Ego Compressor. The Hot Wired V2 is the best overdrive pedal I’ve ever played. Now they have the Paisley Drive Deluxe which is sick (see video above), and I’ve been digging the Euphoria and Tumnus. They know how to make pedals sound great.



Pro Cables N Sound

Bad, mismatched cables were the bane of my existence for a long time. Random drops in treble or even level with one cable vs another, some cheap cables in my chain and some okay cables in my chain, and I didn’t want to spend $80 per cable to fix it. Now PCNS cables are my secret weapon that I’m more than happy to tell people about. Every mic and instrument cable in my studio and rig is custom made by PCNS and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s an instant reduction in stress level knowing that I don’t have to worry about cables anymore.



Elixir Strings

When I got the aforementioned Tom Anderson tele style guitar it came with Elixir strings on it. I played them and liked them better than the random sets I used before, so I’ve used them ever since. I’ve tried other strings and I don’t like them as much. Nanoweb coating feels great and lasts a long time. Uncoated strings don’t make sense to me anymore. I use 10-52 Nanowebs for electric and Medium gauge Phospher Bronze Nanowebs for acoustic. I also have their strings on my Bass, Banjo, and Mandolin, plus custom packs for my Pedal Steel and Dobro.



Miktek Microphones

These mics are made in Nashville a few miles from where I live by some guys that graduated from Belmont and they sound great. They’re way less expensive than super high end names and I picked Miktek in a shootout against a ton of great mics. I’ve got the C7e for acoustic instruments, the C5 for acoustic instruments, and the PMD7 set for my drums.


Dunlop Pill 1 color

Jim Dunlop Guitar Accessories

I was running low on picks for all of college. Toward the end of college I asked a friend where he got custom picks for his band and he introduced me to the artist rep at Jim Dunlop. I got a bunch of custom picks made and by clicking around their site I started to notice how much of their stuff I already used. I gravitated toward the Mudslide, slide/pick holder, Straploks, and some more accessories over the years and when I figured out they were all made by the same company I thought it was pretty cool.