I Guess This Is Growing Up (Music Video)

Music video for Dammit by Blink-182 (cover by Jim Lill).

I made this for my 24th birthday.

The idea of growing up is really uncomfortable for me, but the process of growing up has been incredibly fun. In order to distract myself from turning 24, and to commemorate how great it has been coming this far, I came back to the place I grew up and asked a bunch of my friends from high school what the weirdest part of growing up is.

I always wanted to do a music video in my hometown with my friends, so I did.

Thanks to Josh, Amber, Kevin, Cole, Josh, Jenn, Cody, Rob, Alex, and Alex for their input on growing up. Thanks to Kori, Maggie, and Laura for the strings at the beginning of the song. Thanks to my parents for more things than I’m gonna make people read.

Thanks to the people that watch my videos and give me an excuse to make stuff like this. If you have any questions about how this was made/played/recorded or if you want to share what you think the weirdest part of growing up is, find me on Twitter or Facebook.


PS: download it for free here: