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Chicken Pickin Ultimate

Take your chicken pickin skill from 0 to 10 with a 10 step system that guides you through playing country guitar, starting at a beginner level and ending with impressive advanced playing. All you need to know to begin are five open chords and one pentatonic scale, and this course carries you through technique, touch, and improvising all the way to sounding like a pro.

The course plan was carefully crafted by country musician Jim Lill and proven to work in test trials with private students.

Course Outline:

Part 0 – Primer

Part 1 – Locking Fingers Together

Part 2 – Pick+Lock

Part 3 – Pick+Lock+Rhythm

Part 4 – Pick+Lock+Lead

Part 5 – One, Two, Three

Part 6 – One, Two, Three, Solo

Part 7 – One, Two, Three, Pick+Lock

Part 8 – Open Speed Pattern

Part 9 – Closed Speed Pattern

Part 10 – The Ultimate

Total course time – 1hr 35min