Jim Lill’s Nashville Session Cabs IR Pack




Jim Lill’s Nashville Session Cabs

Jim owns 4 guitar speaker cabinets, each with a unique history and sound. With Jim Lill’s Nashville Session Cabs IR Pack you could be playing through these sounds 60 seconds from now.

1. Buy the pack

2. Download the files

3. Load them into whatever modeling gear you use

4. Play!


Each of these cabs has a connection to Nashville session guitar players.


On October 4, 2022 Jim bought this cab from a loud Nashville session player from Cleveland. According to the player, it had been his main session cab “for the past 20 years” and he had recently switched to using combo amps. He had used it on thousands of sessions including hundreds of hit songs from major artists. Intentionally or not, it was a part of his sound.

Type: Oversized Closed Back 2×12
Left Speaker: September 1982 Celestion G12-65 (White Label)
Right Speaker: ~2009 Warehouse Reaper

JT 1996

On January 29, 2022 Jim bought this blonde cab from the family of his favorite guitarist, a twangy Nashville session player from Terre Haute, IN. This cab was custom built and has no brand markings, but the speakers date to 1996. This cab may have been used on a popular 90s song about sexy tractors.

Type: Extra Wide Open Back 2×12
Left Speaker: February 1996 MojoTone M12B
Right Speaker: February 1996 MojoTone M12B

JT 2007

On January 29, 2022 Jim also bought a black cab from his favorite guitarist’s family. This one was also custom built with no brand markings, and was the main cab in this session player’s studio rig in the late 2000s and early 2010s. This cab was used on many hit songs and may have been used on a hit love song about a girl who makes speakers go boom boom, and a hit song named after Bruce from New Jersey about melodies sounding like memories.

Type: Open Back 2×12
Left Speaker: March 2006 Matchless branded Celestion G12H30
Right Speaker: January 2007 Celestion AlNiCo Gold


On August 4, 2022 Jim built a one-side-open, one-side-closed cab as an exact replica of the cab that was used by his favorite guitarist on his favorite music. The original was custom built for the session player with no brand markings and was used throughout the 2000s for tracking sessions and was used for home overdubs after that. The original cab was used on hit songs about the artist not knowing what he was thinking, having a good amount of departing left to do, coming a little closer, having a memory for every mile, going down the road freely and easily, and many, many more. Jim makes no claims about this replica cab sounding exactly like the original, but every effort was made to get it there.

Type: Half Open, Half Closed 2×12
Left Speaker: January 2001 Celestion Vintage 30 (closed)
Right Speaker: January 1967 Fender Utah (open)


When you buy Jim Lill’s Nashville Session Cabs IR Pack, you will get a .ZIP file containing 8 .WAV files. These are the impulse responses, or IRs. There are two per cab, one for each speaker. These are the files you will load into your modeler or plugin. Consult your specific product’s manual for directions on how to load an IR into your specific product.

Each IR was made with Shure SM57 microphones positioned 2 fingers from the grille cloth on the line between the dust cap and the cone.

These are 16 bit, 44.1kHz sample rate, 1024-sample IRs, keeping them low-latency and full audio quality. Also included are 24 bit, 96kHz sample rate versions for Strymon Iridium users.

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