Jim Lill Helps You Play Rhythm Guitar


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In this course Jim teaches the 10 essential types of strum patterns/ideas that he uses when playing rhythm guitar.

80% of the song is rhythm playing. The goal of this course is to give you 10 great tools to work with so you’re never fumbling aimlessly for a strum pattern.

This course is for electric guitarists.

Yes, this course is great for beginners.

Yes, this course is great for intermediate players.

Yes, if you’re an advanced player and wound up reading this page, this course will fill in some gaps for you, too.

Course sections:

Part 1 – Diamonds

Part 2 – Low Focus

Part 3 – High Focus

Part 4 – Stabs

Part 5 – Chugs

Part 6 – The Drum Beat Pattern

Part 7 – Dots

Part 8 – The Honkytonk Groove

Part 9 – Arpeggiating

Part 10 – Chicken Pickin Rhythm

Part 11 – Outro

Total course time – 1hr 14min

As always, if you try the course and find that it isn’t for you we’ll give you your money back.



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