Save Open Internet!

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Net Neutrality is a kind of boring term, but it’s an important thing to me as a musician in Nashville, citizen of the US, and human of Earth. My guitar videos exist in part because of net neutrality. It means a lot to all of us, actually, you just might not realize it.

Since the internet started, websites have been rightfully treated like boxes in the back of a USPS mail truck. The USPS guy can’t charge you more if your box comes from eBay than if it comes from Amazon, or change the amount of time it takes to get to your house. Grandma’s birthday card to you doesn’t get lower priority than your credit card statement because your bank isn’t allowed to pay off the postal service to make that happen. All letters, boxes, and envelopes are treated the same regardless of where they came from and where they’re going to.

Same thing with the internet. My site makes a lot less money than Premier Guitar’s website, but your internet provider has to treat me the same as them. If you type in, Comcast isn’t allowed to slow my site down and make Premier Guitar faster, or vice versa. For now.

The FCC is currently headed up by a guy that used to be a lawyer for Verizon. He was appointed, not elected. He’s pushing to make laws that benefit Verizon and all of the other internet companies at the expense of the people of America RIGHT NOW. This has to be stopped, because once net neutrality is gone it can’t come back and the internet will be changed forever.

This has happened in other countries and it results in people paying hundreds of dollars a month for slow internet, and having to pay extra charges for packages like “basic bundle including, and premium bundle including,, and!”

We’ve always had access to the sites we want to go to, and the FCC is trying to destroy that access so Verizon/Comcast/AT&T and other internet providers can charge us more for it. This isn’t a two-sided issue. Every living human benefits from net neutrality.

Please please please, go HERE and do everything you can.