Step-by-Step Professional Home Recording Studio Build in Nashville

I rebuilt my home studio and documented it, so I put together this video that takes you through the journey and the thought processes behind why I did everything I did to make this the best possible space to record music.

I can’t wait to show you the stuff I’m currently making and going to make in this room. I may make an overall gear video to show you the gear in this room and how I use it if I have time between gigs and actually doing work in here.

I have two other fun projects right now:

Guitar Lick A Day, where I post a guitar lick every day with TAB on Instagram (@GuitarLickADay)

and Back From The Gig, a podcast that I record every time I get back from a gig. I’ll talk about any cool stuff that happened, take you behind the scenes, and answer questions that you submit to the site!