Why We Suck At Slide and Five Ways To Fix It (Guitar Lesson)

Slide is hard. But this video makes it easier. Tab available HERE:

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Our slide heroes like Derek Trucks, Sonny Landreth, Derek Trucks, and Warren Haynes started out just as bad as we are right now. But they figured out how to use whatever slide they had, whether it was a glass slide, ceramic slide, or brass slide, to make beautiful sounds come out of the amp. With this video you get to jump all the way past the “figuring it out” stage and move directly to the “practicing the technique” stage. This video is relevant whether you’re using a pinky finger slide, ring finger slide, or whatever kind of slide feels comfortable to you. I like to use the slide on my pinky finger so it’s out of the way as much as possible when I’m playing non-slide parts of the song.

Slide is one of the most melodic, natural ways to play guitar. It’s also oe of the hardest techniques to teach, and one of the hardest techniques to learn. There is so much “feel” that goes into it that can’t be described simply by writing which note you’re supposed to play. If you get these slide guitar basics down, and practice the slide guitar licks in the video, then you’ll be better equipped to transcribe slide guitar solos and slide guitar songs.

I’ve been asked how to play slide guitar before and I’ve never been satisfied with my responses, because the technique is more intangible than other guitar techniques, so I took the time to make this video in a way that I think clearly, accurately, and efficiently describes how to play slide guitar.


Why We Suck At Slide and 5 Ways To Fix It Guitar Lesson || Jim Lill
Why We Suck At Slide and 5 Ways To Fix It Guitar Lesson || Jim Lill