Working Musician Q&A

Bassist Kori Caswell and I answer some questions about being musicians!

Fun fact, I recorded the guitar in this direct using the Slate S-Gear plugin. I didn’t bring the Kemper with me so I was completely dry into a Focusrite 2i2 connected to my laptop (both next to me in the truck bed) and dialed in the sound later with the plugin. It’s an alright plugin, I prefer the Kemper still. I also didn’t have my normal studio monitors with me so the guitar sound came out more compressed than I intended, and we shot at around noon so the sun wasn’t in the ideal position. I knew that mot pros shoot outdoor videos 2-3 hours after sunrise or 2-3 hours before sunset and I thought it was just because the shadows are elongated and exaggerated giving the picture depth, but now I also realize that it can keep the light in your face or backlight you. When the sun is above you and you’re facing into it your eyes are in shadow. And if you aren’t facing the sun then you look like your whole body is in shadow and you aren’t even backlit or sidelit in a cool way. Mental notes for next time.